In the 16 years that I have known Rita, she has demonstrated exceptional character with great maternal instincts. Even before she had her daughter, she regularly volunteered to work with children both at church and out in the community. She has been an excellent role model for my three children and all children/teenagers in the DC-Ugandan community and she is loved back in the same measure. As a God fearing person, she has ministered to my children and introduced us to a Bible study school which my children enjoy very much. Rita has taught my children to be respectful, polite and gentle with each other and their peers. She demonstrated extreme patience in repeatedly showing them how to interact with each other. Her corrections came with explanations that helped them understand why it was necessary to do what she was asking of them.

During the summer (twice a week) she volunteered to teach a group of 8 children (3 to 5 years) soccer. Rita also demonstrates empathy and compassion for those less fortunate. She makes a special effort to include all children despite their disabilities whenever it is possible.

I highly recommend her to anyone with children; I always feel my children are safe with her. ~ Fiona Magoba

Rita has a warm and welcoming personality. She is enthusiastic and able to engage students quickly. She always makes the children feel safe, secure and cared for with her gentle manner and generous smile. ~ Janelle Stone, Head of Sunday School, North West Community Church

Rita was my daughter Michelle’s Sunday school teacher, and I would still trust her with a toddler if I had another one! Michelle is now 23 years old and still speaks highly of her ~ Clarissa Kayosa

I have known Rita for almost 14 years now, we attended the same church and she used to be my son’s Sunday school teacher. She easily connects with children of all ages and they naturally gravitate towards her. I would not hesitate leaving my young children with her as she is honest, trustworthy and a hard worker ~ Barbara Wanager

I have known Rita and her 5 year old daughter Amen since October last year when I started living with their family. She is a great mum and incredibly patient with Amen plus her friends that come to her house to play. She also takes time to listen to kids regardless of what they are trying to tell her. If Amen is out of line she is quick to discipline her in a constructive way. She loves kids and finds a way of getting involved in their activities for example; Sunday School, volunteering on Field Trips, coaching Soccer for kids and attending events where her nephews/friends kids are participating. ~ Kal Tessema


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  1. Barbara Hamilton

    Rita effortlessly connects with parents and their children. Her sincere interest in children and their well-being is truly commendable.


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